Everything About IVF Treatment In Delhi

It is never an easy decision to go for IVF treatment. The process itself is mentally taxing and time-consuming. Not only that, but one also has to maintain the matter of IVF cost in Delhi. Moreover, IVF or video fertilization is an expensive procedure that can be difficult.

Nonetheless, it requires one to be patient to achieve success. To seek it, one needs to be assured that they want to or are mentally prepared to conceive a child. Today, we will discuss multiple different IVF factors for your ease.

Reasons Why You Should Seek IVF

Although a person may have a reason of their own for seeking IVF, mostly, it has to do with health-related issues. Following, we have mentioned several reasons one may seek to get the IVF done at the best IVF centre in Delhi.

  • Despite the higher cost, one of the major reasons for seeking IVF is the low sperm count. Therefore, this procedure heightens the chances of conceiving
  • Another reason one may seek IVF is because of the issues related to ovulation. For example, many suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome. In such cases, IVF can be considered a savior for those who want to conceive
  • One may seek the assistance of this procedure while facing issues with fallopian tubes
  • If any of you have been sterilized, then you can seek IVF
  • If you wish to avoid passing genetic disorders to your child, you may consider IVF
  • Endometriosis

Many instances have revealed that people with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy choose to freeze their eggs. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy can harm the fertility rate. Moreover, it can affect the health of the child as well. These frozen eggs or sperm can be shared later and used in IVF once the cancer treatment has been done.

Should One First Consider IVF treatment?

Some couples tend to think of going for IVF as the last option most of the time. However, it is based solely on the situation and the treatment plan. Such a treatment plan is often referred to the couples because of their health condition. Mostly, IVF is a preferred treatment from the start for many. First, however, one must know the different procedures for conceiving a child.

When You Should Consider Visiting An Ivf Center in Delhi

#1. If You Want A Higher Rate Of Pregnancy

Who wouldn’t want to bank in the basket with a higher chance of conceiving rate? Although most couples choose to go with intrauterine insemination with Clomid or Femara, they have to know that pregnancy rates are ultimately higher with IVF.

Sources have revealed that pregnancy rates are less than 12% per cycle. Therefore, a woman under 35 will transfer a single embryo to a world-class IVF program. By doing so, they will have a 55% success rate.

Although this success rate is the implantation rate, a study has found that women aged between 28 to 42 years old with good egg quality turn out to be successful and cost-effective approach.

#2. Those Who Have No Insurance Coverage For Infertility Treatment Can Go For This

Not all couples have insurance coverage for infertility treatment. However, if you are one of those, early-in video fertilization may prove extremely cost-effective.

90% of women who have successfully conceived using Clomid with intrauterine insemination become pregnant within three cycles. However, with younger patients, IVF is strongly recommended if the person has already undergone the institution of Clomid with insemination.

#2. Fear Of Twins? Go For IVF

Having one child is a task; imagine handling two kids all at once. However, with the in vitae fertilization procedure, the chances of you having a twin will reduce. In addition, it decreases the incidence of twins in younger women.

Those younger than 35 years old only have one blastocyst placed back into their uterus as part of their IVF cycle. However, the spontaneous identical twinning will normally occur in 2% of the IVF pregnancies if it is compared to 8% of Clomid pregnancies.

#3. You Can Also Request Information Through This

The chances to perform an embryo biopsy can be done if you consider IVF. Biopsy with comprehensive chromosomal screening and the transfer of a single genetically normal embryo will allow you to have a 65% implantation rate for women up to 42. Such a screening method would eliminate the requirement to transfer multiple embryos in an old patient.

Ending Note

Frozen embryos are likely to result in pregnancies compared to the fresher ones. Now that you know everything that is there to know about IVF, get to the nearest center now. The IVF cost in Delhi may vary based on condition and center.  

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