How Does Technology Help in Maintaining Women’s Wellness?

Today, we shall discuss women’s health, because there are many gender-specific problems that females are trapping inside. Women are multi-tasking naturally but the working women forget many things and grab less attention towards the health problems.

Hence, addressing the gender-specific issue is my call for today!!

Due to the current pandemic, doctors have reported fewer visits of patients at clinics. Females totally avoided the hospitals and regular consultations, they ignored the basic requirements and medications.

Furthermore, if we look upon them due to less availability of fertility treatment and birth control, many complications arise in women’s wellness and care. The number of unemployment is on the higher palate due to the pandemic, so the females who are supposed to earn bread for their children are facing mental health issues.

However, countries like the USA and Canada have started many startups for women’s wellness.

Why do women prefer to use healthcare applications?

At a glance at global market size, the femtech market is growing, $ 18 billion, and the top contributors are the developed countries like USA, Canada, UK.

  • North America is expected to dominate the market with 15.8%.
  • Asia Pacific market is registered to be 16.1%.

The pregnancy and nursing care sector is expected to grow because it shares 40.2% in 2019.

Key drivers for the need of the applications:

  • Chronic diseases and gynecological problems are arising.
  • Women’s health is less concerned and ignored every time.
  • Awareness is increasing among women for mHealth and health tracking.
  • Seriousness in expanding among the women relating to feminine hygiene.
  • Expanding more focus on reproductive health and wellness.

What are the major benefits of fem health applications?

  • Secure and protected:

Females have a nature of shyness, majorly females do not like to talk openly with doctors. Sometimes talking about sexual diseases and hygiene may not make women comfortable.

With the help of applications, women are freer to mention their problems. Whether the problems are fertility, cycle tracking, pregnancy, hygiene and so on.

  • Affordability & Accessibility:

The application one can use in the phone, tablet, laptops and many other electronic devices. So it is accessible for women to use anywhere.

While talking about the economy part the subscription if once done, can work with you the whole 12 months.

You can access it anytime and manage your health problems anytime. According to the studies and reports it has been seen that majorly females are happy using femtech applications.

  • Individual’s care: 

The applications are giving quick replies to the problems and every time it will act as a personal healthcare assistant. This response felt like personalized care and an application with secure, adaptive data to reach the satisfaction of the user.

What are the types of femtech applications?

As per the above discussion, it is seen that the developed countries like USA and Canada have developed a wide range of femtech applications. there are many types of applications such as:

Period and ovulation tracker app:

Well in today’s lifestyle and work pattern, females face hormonal issues, health issues and fertility issues. With the help of this application, one can track the pattern of the period and can come to know about having pregnancy or any other imbalances.

Females sometimes forget the dates and while travelling or going to work in routine life sometimes misleads the coming period, but with the help of this application, it will alert the woman to take care and take the required things with them.

One of the famous applications is FLO, it has more than 150 million users around the world.

Pregnancy application:

Pregnancy time is very diverse for mother and growing child both; well there are many mental challenges and health challenges that women suffer from, to maintain that redundancy in the women’s health this application is designed.

Sprout Pregnancy is an application that is used widely, it has exclusive features which gives it a massive success. Sprout pregnancy app is the only app with 3D interaction, i.e. if the child is kicking, scrolling, heart beating, inside the tummy, Mumma can feel it and see it and that is the most vibrant feature of this application.

Personal care application(skin & Hair):

Skin and hair are the most attractive the women can feel, majorly almost all the women around are more concerned about skin and hair. And they feel great if they consult online on this. In the survey, a random sample size was chosen; 08 out of 10 women consider the application for hair and skincare.

‘Hers Health’ is a USA based start-up, giving the same supply. They also sell hair care products on the online portal, and provide a window where women can consult the doctor remotely.

Pills delivering app:

Pills control delivering application; serves as a part of emergency medicine agent. Women can book birth control pills on a platform and get them delivered very soon. The app provides the E-prescription of the booked medicine to gain the trust of the females.

5 steps to build femtech application:

Step 1: Target audience:

You design an application from whom? Who will use your application is the first predefined notion. Here if it is the case of the femtech application then the user is fixed.

Sometimes taking a check on which age group will use the application more will be a beneficiary.

Step 2: Efficient UI/UX design:

Sometimes to sell the product; sellers tend to make that product very fascinating but if it is the case here then the application needs a simple efficient design that one can operate. Fascinating things will not work.

Step 3: Design with basic functionality:

The application is for the female, so the gender-specific details and program need to fit in the application. Such as period tracker, pills tracker, user profile, records and reports etc.

Step 4: Data compliance and regulations:

The regulatory standards are fixed by HIPAA for every application, check where your application lies and follow the standards. The security of data is a seeking component, so check all the policies of privacy and then accomplish the applications.

Step 5: Test thoroughly:

The first product launch is a very attractive process and it should be levy down with any mistakes. One should check with every nuance and consider each and every point carefully.


To sum up, the things discussed, women are the center of discussion in the palate, to consider women health and to provide the application with the simplified feature is necessary.

 Author’s bio :

Parth Patel is an ambitious personality, aiming to help the healthcare industry in every possible way. He is serving as CEO at SyS Creations – a top telemedicine app development company –  approaching towards the betterment of communities with expertise in information technology.

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