How To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

There are multiple birth control methods in the market, and among all, the best one is the use of condoms during intercourse. And using these methods is simple, but this article is about some natural ways to avoid pregnancy.

However, this is tough, still, it is possible to avoid pregnancy naturally, even after unprotected intercourse. There can be various natural ways, but the 2 most effective methods are the Calendar and withdrawal method.

Gynecologists suggest that the calendar method is the perfect way to prevent pregnancy if women know their ovulation day. Ovulation is when the ovary releases the egg cell, which moves towards the fallopian tube for a possible pregnancy. Avoiding sex during this period helps prevent pregnancy naturally.

Note- The calendar method is only successful when a female experiences a regular period because the ovulation day varies in the case of an irregular menstrual cycle. 

Calculating ovulation days is simple, and one can do it by counting 14 days back from the first day of her menstrual cycle. The 1st day of the menstrual cycle is when a female experiences bleeding.

Normally a female experiences a 28 days menstrual cycle. 1-8 days and 20-28 days of the menstrual cycle is considered as the safe zone and making relations within the safe zone helps prevent pregnancy naturally. The length of the period may also vary from 21 days to 35 days.

In the withdrawal method male partner is supposed to withdraw his penis from their female partner’s vagina before ejaculation. To conceive a pregnancy, sperm should be ejaculated inside the female vagina.

In one ejaculation, a male ejaculated 15-200 million sperm cells, and 1 ml of sperm cell contains nearly 100 million sperm cells. The withdrawal method can be risky because a single sperm cell can fertilize the egg cell, which results in pregnancy.

Food also plays a crucial role. According to some gynecologists, a slight change in your meal can lead to the menstrual cycle, completely ruling out the chances of pregnancy. Consuming food that increases body temperature may lead to natural abortion.

Note- Following a natural method to avoid pregnancy can be dangerous because a small mistake may lead to pregnancy. So Healthy tips suggest you use a condom, the best method to avoid pregnancy. However, you can also trust the above-listed natural methods but only in an emergency.


This article has discussed the most trustable way to avoid pregnancy naturally. However, there are various other methods to naturally neglect the chance of pregnancy, even after unprotected intercourse. But the above-listed 3 methods are supposed to be the best, and a large community follows them, so if you are not in a position to have some artificial barrier, you should trust

these methods. As discussed in the above section, the calendar method is the best among all-natural methods to avoid pregnancy naturally because it reduces pregnancy chances to zero.

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