Is Invisalign an Option For Your Smile?

Is Invisalign an Option For Your Smile?

Since speaking with all of our patients over the years, we are well conscious that braces do not fulfil the needs of everyone. As an option, we have Invisalign Ottawa direct aligners. If you want straighter teeth but do not want to deal with the pain of braces, we will fit you with Invisalign simple aligners that will do the job.

Consider the following three advantages of using Invisalign simple aligners to enhance your smile.

1. You would not be self-conscious when using Invisalign.

Conventional braces are unappealing to most people. Teenagers also despise braces because they make them feel self-conscious. Adults despise them even more because they believe braces make them seem childish.

Invisalign Ottawa, on the other hand, allows you to straighten your teeth without becoming self-conscious.

Invisalign aligners are made of transparent SmartTrack content. When you look carefully, you can still see the aligner, but it is not as noticeable as typical metal braces.

Because an iTeroElementR scanner takes a 3D view of your teeth, your Invisalign aligners match well because those measurements are used to build your custom-made aligners. The better the fit of your aligner, the less visible it is and the more effective it is at straightening your teeth.

2. You can get control of Invisalign at any point.

When you have braces put on your teeth, you will never be able to remove them. The braces will remain in place until you have them off.

When using Invisalign, you can remove the aligners from your mouth as desired. In reality, you usually have around two hours a day that you are not required to wear your aligners. Ottawa Dentist will decide how long you can wear your Invisalign simple aligners each day to get the best performance.

The ability to remove the aligners gives you much flexibility. You can, for example, remove your Invisalign when eating. Metal braces need you to avoid chewy, crunchy, oily, and rough foods, but Invisalign Ottawa does not have this restriction. Remove the aligners while chewing gum, eating corn on the cob, or snacking on pretzels.

Removing your Invisalign aligners will also make you feel more secure in some circumstances. You might choose to wear your aligner on special occasions, such as making essential speeches, going on a date, or meeting new people.

3. Invisalign can straighten teeth more quickly than traditional braces.

Many of our patients think that Invisalign is more effective than conventional braces in terms of outcomes. After you have been fitted for the first pair of Invisalign aligners, you will get a new aligner every two weeks. Few people will be able to benefit from weekly aligner updates, which operate much better.

Any new aligner takes the teeth closer to being in proper alignment. Because of this step-by-step procedure, you would get clear teeth on a consistent schedule. You will have perfect teeth by the end of your schedule that you will be able to show off.

Most people wear Invisalign for 12 to 18 months, but we understand that each of our patients has unique requirements. Invisalign Ottawa is not the only choice for everyone, but we have found that it gets patients the outcomes they want sooner and with fewer limits than traditional braces.

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