Teeth whitening services Vs. Teeth Cleaning Services in Toronto

People always seem to consider that the process of teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are the something. However, the techniques and their objectives are, in fact, quite different. Teeth Whitening services are used to make teeth look whiter using chemicals. At the same time, the primary purpose of dental cleaning is to eliminate tartar and plaque from the tooth’s surface to avoid gum disease and tooth decay. The principal goal of teeth bleaching is to remove staining for cosmetic reasons. Cleaning your teeth is essential to maintaining the well-being of your teeth and gums. In contrast, the procedures for whitening your teeth are strictly cosmetic.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Professional dental cleaning is something one should have every six months. If you’re susceptible to dental decay or have any prior history of gum disease, make sure you schedule your cleanings according to the frequency set by your dental professional. You’re a dentist typically does dental cleaning. Dental hygienists are principal healthcare providers who have undergone special training and a license to cleanse and polish patients’ teeth.


This is a standard routine procedure for cleaning your teeth, and it’s a common procedure often performed every six months or more. Prophylaxis typically involves scrapers to remove plaque and tartar buildup over your teeth. Then, you’ll have to go through the next stage called teeth polishing. Your endodontist will utilize polishing instruments to remove plaque and stains off your teeth’s surface. The final step of the prophylaxis treatment is flossing to eliminate any remaining accumulation or other substances accumulated within your teeth.

  • The Root Scaling Process and the Planning

Root scaling and planning involve extensive or intense dental cleaning. The procedure is usually recommended for people who have signs of gum disease, such as gum swelling. The process for scaling the roots is performed using tools similar to tools used for prevention. Since the procedure involves a thorough cleaning, it may be painful, so it is recommended to use a local anesthetic to reduce pain in part.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning:

Dental cleaning isn’t to give you a brighter smile but instead provide you with a healthier dental set. However, removing plaque and tartar will make the teeth look whiter. Cleaning your teeth at our dental office in Toronto can stop tooth decay typically caused by plaque accumulation. They also provide relief from gum disease or bad breath. The procedure can also aid in identifying another issues of concern, such as tooth decay and oral cancer. Going to the dentist to clean teeth in Toronto can help patients maintain good oral health.

Tooth Whitening:

While regular tooth cleaning can be for your dental health; it won’t typically cause drastic change in your tooth’s color. The reason for whitening your teeth is to get rid of stains primarily intended to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Teeth can be stained due to various foods and drinks, smoking, medication, and health issues. Plaque generally has a yellowish hue. After removing plaque, you may notice some improvement in your teeth’ colour. However, most patients seeking dental treatment want a more radiant smile, and that’s what a professional cleaning will give.

  • Whitening in-office

An in-office tooth-whitening procedure employs bleaching chemicals. The majority of products for whitening contain hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients and are activated through blue light or heat. The process generally takes around an hour and – depending on the whiteness you want, it may require multiple visits to get the appearance you desire. It is possible to improve your teeth by six up to eight shades more white. Endodontists usually take pictures at different stages of the procedure to show you the final results.

  • In-Home Touch-Ups

In-office whitening is available until your teeth begin to be stained again. However, you can prolong the time longer by performing at-home touches-ups. For this, ask your endodontist to make an impression on your mouth and make custom dental trays that perfectly fit your mouth. You’ll buy the bleaching gel and be given guidelines on applying it at home.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Services

The most crucial benefit of tooth whitening is a brighter and whiter smile. This boosts your confidence in yourself and helps motivate you to take treatment of your teeth better moving forward! If you’re proud of your sparkling white smile, you could be more motivated to brush, floss, and make appointments for cleaning every six months. By maintaining your teeth’s cleanliness and avoiding food items that cause staining (think wine and coffee).

There are many reasons why you might want to have your teeth whitened are:

  • It isn’t very comfortable to smile because of your yellow or stained teeth. 
  • You’ve tried whitening toothpaste and rinses, but you haven’t noticed any improvement.      
  • You’ve got a significant event coming up, and you’re looking to look and feel your best.


Thorough cleaning of the teeth by the dentist can improve the outcomes of professional teeth bleaching. Plaque and tartar, along with other food particles, can hinder the uniform whitening of teeth and lead to uneven shade. Additionally, teeth whitening services may aid in reducing gum inflammation. Suppose you decide to do teeth whitening services while your gums are swollen. In that case, it might be difficult to stop the discoloration of the gum tissue.

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