How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces

What’s the first thing that will pop up in your mind when you get your braces on ? Obviously you will either think of enquiring about how to brush your teeth since it may feel a bit awkward to have braces , and also it might create a hindrance in the free flow of the toothbrush inside the mouth. Some individuals often confuse with the thought that having a dental device inside their mouth will also guard their oral health and hygiene but an expert in braces for teens in Darien says that regular brushing and flossing is important even with the braces on because there are chances of more complications if you leave your oral hygiene up to it. It will take just a few adjustments to your regular brushing routine when you brush with the braces on and eventually people develop a habit within no time. Let’s take a look at certain points about how to brush our teeth with braces on and how the center for dental braces Darien being their expert will explain the process.

What Is the Proper Way to Brush?

a) Outer Side

Brush the outer side of the teeth first , since they are on the front and also visible to people. You will also need to clear out the plaque along the gumline. Begin from the outside of your bottom teeth and put your teeth together . Do the brushing in such a way that the toothbrush first goes backwards and then forward. Now start brushing outside of your top teeth. Put your teeth together as before and gently rub the teeth in circular motions . For reaching the furthermost part inside the mouth , you can open it a little and then let the Toothbrush find its way . A regular toothbrush also needs to be slant and keep it in such an angle that it can reach both the gumline and top of teeth so that any clogged food particle can be taken out. As we all know that braces are made of metal brackets and every bracket has a proper spacing Between them , this needs to be clean , so spend at least 10-15 seconds on every bracket each day while brushing your teeth.

b) Inner Side

They are easiest to brush since most braces are installed on the outside of your teeth. Unless and until you have been recommended to have lingual braces , which are fixed inside the teeth portion and are the hardest to fix. You can do the regular brushing here , do it back and forth , up and down and then in circulatory motion , in case if you have lingual braces , try repeating the process in an opposite way i.e. be cautious about the positioning of braces , if they are inside , it needs to be maintained and if they are on the outside then the outer portion needs to be maintained cautiously.

c) Crowns of teeth

When you turn your toothbrush perpendicular to the direction of spaces in between them , you can reach the crevices which are often the storage bank for plaque and food particles. Move your toothbrush back and forth , and then in circulatory motion and it will automatically clean out the unwanted substances. Crowns of teeth are important since the sugary items get settled there first , and hence it becomes mandatory to clean the area around them.

d) Other Areas Of Mouth.

An orthodontist also suggests having a keen observance of other areas and organs inside your mouth along with the teeth to attain maximum health . A tongue can be home to a large number of bacteria and thus it needs to be cleaned daily , with braces on more deposits will settle on them and thus it becomes so important to clean it. Brush your gums that are at the end of the teeth lining and also the area under your cheeks. Spit and rinse on a regular basis while performing all the tasks related to inside cleansing.


Don’t be afraid of asking about how to brush while you have your braces on. Obviously it’s not an easy task if you want to do it correctly and thus seeking for recommendations and expert advice will be a good choice to go with. Also there are braces which are invisible such as the Invisalign. You can look up for more invisible braces in Darien and nearby areas before you decide to go for one. They make a sense of comfortability more satisfying while ensuring better overall dental hygiene.

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