How to Make Gothic Eye Makeup? 

Gothic fashion has emerged from the year 1980. And is still in command in the present year of 2021.

Where the darkness was ruling the world and is still being ruled, starting from the eyes (smokey dark eyes) to ending with boots(black high boots). For those who are obsessed with the black colour, here is the gothic fashion made only for you. 

All the teens in love with the dark look, searching for how, to begin with, gothic eye makeup, goth makeup tutorial here is the route to start with your makeover. 

Quick Tip: Before starting with the devilish gothic eye makeup, DO NOT FORGET to get a facial. A  facial will make your skin more glowing, allowing the devil dark look to come out beautifully.

First of all, let me brief you in short pointers, the products you must have to get ready for gothic eye makeup.

  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Dark Lipstick
  5. Dark Eye palette
  6. Waterproof Eyeliner
  7. Good quality Dark Mascara
  8. Compact Powder
  9. Long-lasting Eyebrow pencil
  10. Beauty blender and essential brushes

Let us now begin with the steps for gothic eye makeup

 To Prep up the Skin: Use Primer

Primer is the first basic product to apply and give a good base so that the foundation can be set perfectly on the skin including the eyes area for an amazing gothic look. It will help gothic eye makeup to stay for long. If you have then better use it. If not then take an ice cube covered in tissue and apply it to the face. It will work as a primer and will help the look to stay. Ice cube is the best alternative to a primer.

 To cover acne: Use Concealer

Choosing the correct color concealer will help to hide the dullness existing on the skin. Many of them apply concealer after foundation but it’s a trick to less apply foundation. Better use a color concealer palette containing various colors. It is the second most important step to give an exotic look to your gothic eye makeup. A Concealer should be applied under the eyes excessively as many of them have dark circles.

 Now start with Foundation

According to your skin type, choose the best suitable branded foundation. If you have dry skin or oily skin, there is a lot of variety to choose from. Select the best one and apply it all over your face. Do not forget to cover the neck portion. With a soft beauty blender or with your fingertips as you are comfortable, blend the foundation evenly on your skin. And a good amount to be applied on the eye area so that the devil look comes flawlessly.

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 Lock it with Compact Powder

To keep the makeup secure, use compact powder and set it over your foundation. Compact will prevent breakage of skin and will allow makeup to last. Your overall face is now set with a perfect base.

Before starting with gothic or any other eye look it is important to set the base of the face. The above-mentioned steps were illustrated as the basic necessary steps to be followed.

Here comes the main procedure for a gothic look.

Gothic Eye Makeup Look

After a proper base is maintained on the face,

1. Apply a silver shimmery highlighter on the crease area. It will enhance the gothic dark look.

2. From a dark colors eye palette, select a black shade to put on the whole of the lid area. Merge it well with the brush.

3. With an eyeliner draw, a winked lining above your eyes and under the eyes that is the rim area to enhance the look more nicely.

4. After putting on the eyeliner, merge it with the black dark eyeshadow to make it darker. It looks difficult but when tried once it will be very easy and interesting.

5. When it’s done, give a bounce effect to your lashes by using good branded dark mascara.

6. Lastly, with the help of an eyebrow pencil give a beautiful shape to your brows.

 Have a look at the mirror and see you are done with gothic eye make-up

Hope it was easy to understand with short yet easy points to make a gothic eye look.

Oh yes, do not forget to use dark black or red hot matte lipstick to give finishing to the very trendy gothic eye makeup.

If you are thinking and in doubt about what a smokey eye look is all about !! then let me clear your doubt. It’s one of the same looks with different names given by others. In the present years, it is now known as the smokey look which was earlier famous as the gothic eye look.

The gothic eye look is never completed without the black hot dress along with the black heel boots. So, complete the look and follow the trend of gothic fashion with me.

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