What Does Carbon Laser Skin Treatment Do?

Carbon glow skin treatment is also called carbon laser skin rejuvenation or charcoal peel.

Let’s get through what it is.

Carbon Glow Skin Treatment

This is actually a carbon peel facial, which involves laser resurfacing to maximize the benefits of focused light beams onto the skin. The emission of these laser beams is controlled to only treat the skin imperfections.

Its end result gives the porcelain doll-like finish on the surface, which proves its name right, i.e. China Doll Peel Facial.

It simply resurfaces the even contour and perfect texture once successfully done. The skin re-attains its balance by regenerating that structure. Odd dark patches, pigmentation, age spots, and more conditions turn better, emerging in a more uniform and firmer skin texture.

How Does Carbon Glow Facial Proceed?

The carbon laser skin rejuvenation procedure starts with applying a thin layer of carbon on your canvas. It is evenly distributed when applied so that a focused laser beam can precisely enter and fix imperfect texture.

As the beam penetrates, these carbon particles absorb it. With the help of vacuum suction, this carbon layer together with damaged or dead cells is removed from the crust.

Simultaneously, thermal energy reactivates the synthesis of collagen. This practice triggers a healthy glow to emerge. Certainly, your skin structure gets sharper and stronger visibly because your skin pores breathe a fresh life upon deep suction-based cleansing.   

Effects & Benefits of Carbon Glow Facial

This facial is effective on the surface, which requires decongesting. This cosmetic treatment declutters the surface and regulates its cell turnover.

With it, the pigmentation can be relieved, which might be there because of excessive sun exposure, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, acne, and medicinal reactions.

In the nutshell, this cosmetic procedure is widely popular for being nonsurgical and painless. Its results are really pronounced.

Here are the benefits you can see once done:

  • Deep Cleansing of the Face

With the touch of anti-grime carbon, your skin gets an oil-free look. It sucks the debris from deep pores and the laser beam destroys it when passed through the surface. It quickly and effectively makes that treated area free from clutters.  

  • Dead Skin Removal

The removal of dead cells stimulates skin turnover. It all happens when the laser cut through that carbon layer, damaging dead cells, blackheads, & other congestions. As this happens, a smooth and perfectly radiant texture emerges.

  • Skin Rejuvenation

The carbon peel together with laser boosts collagen production, which lets it get plumper, softer, and glowy.

  • Anti-acne Treatment

The thermal power in carbon peel destroys acne-causing bacteria or germs. Besides, the oil secretion turns slow, as the sebaceous glands (oil producer) become less active.

  • Smoothens & Brightens Skin

Being an advanced & multipurpose treatment, it is able to bring relief to many skin concerns. However, its main capacity is to exfoliate it. At the time, it is able to shrink the pore size while smoothening and improving the radiance of your face.

  • Fade Age Spots

Dark and patchy skin can bring your confidence down. With this carbon glow treatment, you can have a much rejuvenated, clean, and spotless glow over time.

  • Fit to All Skin Types and Ages

This is one facial treatment that fits all skin types of all ages. A massive difference is pronounced through the lightning age spots, freckles, and wrinkles. Also, the skin condition improves with the decreasing pore size, blackheads, and whiteheads.  

  • Sags Get Removed

Sags are the fat deposits. They may appear because of aging or lifestyle imbalance. Our texture becomes loose because of the frequent functioning of facial muscles. This petrifying droopy skin condition can be overcome with carbon glow treatment. It reactivates its elasticity and lifts its texture.

  • Lubricate Skin

As the age progresses, our oil-secreting cells become less active. They are responsible for keeping our surface moist, which covers it with a protective oily layer naturally. The penetration of laser light reactivates the production of collagen. It is an essential protein for having a brighter and youthful texture. Finally, you get a firmer, lighter, brighter, and youthful glow.

Does it have any side effects?

Certainly, you won’t see any big side effects. Since it’s a non-invasive and gentle treatment, it causes minimal pain, which is hardly felt.

However, slight redness is common. You can have a tingling sensation at the time of the procedure. As it is done, the sensation minimises. These effects go off on their own.

Besides, there may be a temporary hair removal from the treated area. The reason is a laser, which damages hair follicles also.

You may see allergic reactions if you have any medical history. It’s always better to disclose your previous conditions clearly at the time of appointment.

Is it Painless?

For sure, it is a painless treatment. As aforesaid, its procedure may not be a pleasurable ride. But, you won’t feel bad or tingled. These are normal sensations that do occur whenever you undergo any laser treatment. This is a carbon glow treatment, which causes much difference without causing any harm to or around the treated area.


  • Never go out in the sun more often because pre-procedure tanning can be harmful.
  • Use a prescribed sunscreen every day to shield your sensitive skin.
  • Be never at the place where you have to endure the heat or excessive sweating at least for 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid using any cosmetics or makeup straight away after the treatment.
  • Do follow the prescribed lifestyle.


Carbon glow treatment is a unique method of facial, which is absolutely nonsurgical. The carbon layer is applied to the surface. Later on, the laser light passes through to suck out the congestion-causing grime from the deep layer of the face. This is how your skin achieves a glass-like or porcelain effect or radiance.

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