Top 5 Quad Exercise for Front Leg Muscles

The lower body is considered as the foundation yet, most people forget when to use it and how to use it. As a child the first things that everyone learns I walking, yet as we start to age, balancing issues become common. Most people work on their upper body strength all their lives without realizing that the lower body plays an equally significant role. Within your lower body, you will find so many different muscles and each muscle group has its own importance. To have a strong pair of legs, you need to work on all muscle groups, their strength, endurance as well as their overall working. If we look at the leg muscles we will find glutes, quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, and Achilles tendon. Since most people work on legs for enhancing their beauty they forget about workouts that can improve their lower body performance as a whole.

With the help of this article, we will discuss in detail the importance of quad muscles. We will also talk about different muscles that are included in the quadriceps muscle group and some of the best exercises that can help you work on your quad muscles.

Quadriceps Muscles and Its Importance

Quad muscles or quadriceps muscles are known to be the longest, leanest, and yet the strongest group of muscles in our body. With the quadricep muscles, you will see the four most prominent muscles and they are mainly located in front of your legs. Their main function is to support your leg in extending fully and they also help in supporting the knee. The four muscles included in the quadricep are listed as follows:

Rectus Femoris– this muscles group helps in attaching the kneecap and supports the flexion of the knee.

Vastus Intermedius– this muscle helps in attaching the vastus medialis and the vastus lateralis to the front of the leg bone.

•  Vastus Lateralis– this muscle is located on the outside of the thigh and it is the largest among all the quad muscles.

•  Vastus Medialis – this muscle has a tear shape structure and it is located in the inner thigh


Simple and easy, these exercises will help you work on your buttock all the way to your heel. You will be using all your body weight and shifting it to your legs mainly your feet. Start by standing straight and then spread your legs. Now hold the weight on both feet and pretend like you are sitting on an invisible chair.

Split Lunge

Lunges are very good for quads however for the split lunge you will keep one leg at the top of a bench. With the front leg, extend all the way and then take a dip. This will help you open your quad muscles.

Leg Press

Extremely effective yet complicated, this might be a little tricky for beginners. You need the leg press machine for this and with the help of a machine, you will need to attach your feet with it and push it. This will help you work on your legs all the way.

Leg Extension

Leg extensions are simple and you do not need any equipment for that. However, some people use leg extension machines that are available in the gym as well. These machines have some extra weight that will allow you to push all the way. Your goal is to start by bending what you knew and then slowly pushing to extend your leg.

Cyclist Squat

This is technically the same as a classic squat but you just need to keep your glutes tight and legs a little closer. This will be an easy and effective workout for quads.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there is no muscle group that can be ignored when it comes to the lower body. From your glutes to quads and hamstring each muscle group has its own importance. Since most people think about their hamstrings to get strong lean legs or their glutes to look better in jeans, most people forget about quads. Quads strength is not only significant because it strengthens your legs, it is especially important because with quad muscles you will develop enough endurance that even lengthy work will not make you tired easily. While formulating a lower body workout routine, try to focus on all muscles equally and set a good workout frequency. It will be better to divide your days so you can have enough time for every muscle group and you will be able to offer enough recovery time for all muscles.

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