Ultimate Boxing Leg Workout for Strength

Boxing is associated with upper body strength. This is mainly because we think that boxers only need to throw punches in order to win. However, when you get into the ring, you need full command over your body. This will include your upper body strength, your core as well as your lower body strength. The goal is to use your core for generating the energy and then use that energy for punching your opponent. However, you also need the power of the lower body because it will help you move easily within the ring. Without good footwork, you will not know when to move closer to your opponent and when to move away. The goal is to look for ways to improve the overall impact.

With the help of this blog, we will mainly highlight the importance of footwork. We will discuss why a leg workout is important for boxers and finally, we will talk about the strength of the lower body and some of the simple workouts that can help you improve your strength.

Why Lower Body Strength Is Vital For Boxers?

As a boxer, the first punch that you will learn is a jab. Jab is also known to be the most frequently used punch. However, to throw a perfect jab, you need to learn the exact location and exact time when the jab will be effective. One of the common mistakes is getting too close to your opponent and the other is staying too far that you are unable to use the full range of your arm. In short, the use of jab and all the other types of punches greatly depend on your lower body control. Moving too fast or too slow during a defense might make you vulnerable to retaliation. The best practice is to know when to hold your punch and when to get too close and you will only be able to practice it with the help of a leg workout.

Sprint Running

Sprint running is a simple workout where you will divide your workout time into small chunks. Within each chunk, you will adjust speed. You have to adjust your speed from high to low and there will be no rest period. Most people start with high-speed running only to slow down when they lose their breath. However, sprint running will allow you to help your muscle adapt according to the speed.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is one of the most used exercises among boxers. This is mainly because when you are in the ring, you will be on your toes jumping. You do not have to use your whole foot. Rope skipping will mainly help you improve the speed of movement within the ring by helping you accommodate your body according to speed and direction.

Box Walking

Box walking is just like taking stairs. You will place a box right in front of you and you will use that to take one step at a time. Since most boxers have to work on the strength of their legs, this is mainly for making your legs strong and lean. You will see instant results in just a few weeks. Box walking is also very helpful in building endurance.

Incline Running

Incline running or uphill running is a simple treadmill setting that allows you to adjust the speed as you go up or down a hill. You need to increase the friction and practice your running.


Lunges will help you open up your muscles for a better sprint. For this, you need to extend your front leg and then make a 90 degree by bending the knee. Then you have to extend your back leg all the way and take a dip.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there are so many different leg workouts that you can try. Most of the strength-based workouts help you stay on your foot which allows you to have full control of your lower body. Now, with the help of this strength, you need to practice your movement in the ring. You have to start by practicing the full power run along with sprint running. This will allow you to know how much or at what speed you need to move in the ring. Most boxers use the running power to maintain a very good momentum that can help them easily get hold of their opponent. Sometimes tiring your opponent can get a long way and you can easily attack them afterward when they are very tired to retaliate.

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